Thank you for your interest in meeting up for hiking and yoga! Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, if you're joining a meet up, I will email you information prior to the meet up with specific information about what to wear, where to meet, and what to expect.

What is PNW Outdoor Yoga?

PNW Outdoor Yoga is an outdoor meet up group. We simply gather like-minded folks to hike, practice outdoor yoga, and build community. The meet ups are open to all (please sign up for the meet up ahead of time, as space is limited), with an optional contribution to support the yoga instruction/meet up group coordination. I strongly believe the outdoors and yoga should be accessible to all -- so the suggested donation is just that - a suggestion!

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How Hard/Long are the Hikes?

The hikes are generally 2-6 miles, depending on the meet up. Some hikes are very easy (short hike, with minimal vertical climb), some are harder hikes with quite a bit of climb/elevation. Many are in the middle.

On each meet up listing, I describe the hike difficulty and distance/climb. Please read the hike description and decide if it's a good fit for your fitness level. And of course, reach out via email or Facebook if you have any questions about the type of hike, the terrain, or the difficulty.

Also, we are never in a big rush on the hike -- we hike and flow at the pace of the group so that everyone feels supported (and most importantly, has fun!).

What is the Yoga Like?

The yoga practices are generally 60 minute slow-flow Vinyasa style, focusing on strengthening, stretching, breathing, and connecting to nature. Practicing outdoors is a special experience - the surface isn't 100% flat, we literally salute the sun, we sometimes get a little dirty or sandy or wet, and the sounds and sensations are different than in a studio - it's a wonderful and refreshing experience!

Never done yoga before? No problem. A seasoned yogi? Sweet. The yoga practice is all-levels – designed for beginner and experienced yogis alike. To learn more about me (and my yoga teaching experience), click here.

Sometimes we do the yoga at the mid-way point of the hike, other times it is at the end of the hike. Check the calendar for specifics.

What Should I Bring?

Your own yoga mat, a towel (for under or over your mat, especially if it’s a little wet out), clothes and shoes comfortable for hiking and yoga (layers highly recommended), water, the hiking 10 essentials, and lunch or additional snacks. More tips on what to bring will be emailed out to participants prior to each meet up.

What if it Rains?

We usually meet up rain or shine -- it is a magical experience to connect with nature in both cases! However, if it is very stormy, windy, smokey, or other severe/unsafe weather, the meet up may be rescheduled or cancelled. I do my best to make a decision at least a day (or a few hours) before the meet up. If the meet up is cancelled or postponed due to severe weather, I will provide a refund or credit to everyone who donated/contributed financially.

What Does the Meet Up Fee/Donation Go Toward?

The optional meet up fee goes toward making these meet ups happen! Pitch in to support the group/meet up organization and the yoga instruction. Additionally, I donate 5% back to Washington Trails Association. These are not ticketed or commercial events (and I am not a hike guide and the fee/donation is not required to attend), rather I am coordinating simple gatherings of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts to hike and practice outdoors together.

I strongly believe the outdoors and yoga should not be cost prohibitive for anyone! The meet ups are open to every one -- if the fee is a hardship in any way, simply contact me via email or social media messenger or sign up under a "scholarship/community" spot.

Do I Need to Sign a Waiver?

Yes, please! All meet up participants are required to sign a waiver to participate in the yoga portion of the meet up. The hike meet up and yoga experience are at your own risk. The hike is not a guided hike, we will simply meet up and hike together. Electronic waivers will be emailed to registered participants, or available day-of to sign.

Who Can Come?

The meet ups are open to all genders and all ages (please see below about bringing kids and babies). I aim to make each meet up a welcoming, non-judgmental "mini retreat" for everyone who joins.

Can I Bring Babies or Kids?

Most of the meet ups are geared toward adults, however kids are welcome to attend for the hiking and yoga portions. If your child would like to participate in the yoga, please sign them up as a participant so we can count space for mats. For each meet up, I provide an age recommendation for the hike and yoga (generally 8 years old or 10 years old and up). Your kiddo may be ready to join at a younger age, you know them best! For parents with small children (infants, toddlers, etc), you're welcome to bring them and carry them on the hike -- though it might be nice to bring a (non-participating) partner or friend to help with the babe during yoga so you can enjoy a full practice! I am also 100% happy to help hold babies while teaching.

If you have ANY questions about bringing your little ones, please reach out and I can help you determine if it's a good fit to bring them. Ultimately, I want YOU to have a fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience.

Can I Bring My Dog?

If dogs are allowed on the trail, if your dog is well-behaved and people-friendly, and if your dog could easily hang out (on leash) during the yoga practice, you are welcome to bring your dog! Please remember to bring lots of water for them, as well, and follow park/trail dog rules.

Additional Questions?  Reach out directly and I am happy to help.